Our Vision

Our Vision

RHS Harlow Carr

The ambitious Playscape scheme would address the playground area, the skate ramp and a feature leading to (and including) the copse by the river – effectively considering the whole of the recreation ground.

We would like to see new equipment, surfaces, landscaping, planting, seating, plus integration of the Pavilion into the design; all of this in turn should encourage more social integration too.

We have an opportunity to breathe new life into the play provision in Great Shelford – to create an inspiring place that welcomes people of all ages and abilities, engages all of their senses, invites nature in, and encourages play for

The Parish Council has very little money for this project, however we are confident that with local support we can deliver a Playscape that Great Shelford can be proud of with a combination of donations, fundraising events, corporate sponsorship, and grants.

Best Practice

According to a 2008 report on good play space design, successful play spaces:

great shelford park

  • are bespoke
  • make use of natural elements
  • are accessible to both disabled and able-bodied children
  • allow different ages to play together
  • provide opportunities to experience risk and challenge.

In light of our review and of best practice we recommended that a Landscape Architect, experienced in play spaces, be employed on this Playscape project. We are delighted that the Parish Council supported this recommendation.

Not just for the kids

not just for kids

The reality these days is that most children only play outside when accompanied by an adult.

Gone are the childhood days of waving goodbye to parents in the morning for adventures in the local woods, streams & fields, to return hungry and tired, but happy, for tea. Because of this, play areas and communal open spaces need to work harder at giving our children resources and inspiration for play, whilst enticing their accompanying adult out too.

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