We are delighted to announce that Great Shelford Parish Council is now in the position to build this phase of the adopted masterplan.

Thanks to over £20k raised by the community and a large grant being awarded by FCC Community Action Fund in September 2023, we are working with specialist skate park builders Bendcrete Skateparks to begin work in early 2024.

This mini-skatepark will slot into the end of the playscape, hugging the tennis courts, and will provide an approachable place for all wheeled sports.  We expect construction to take 8 weeks, plus time for grass and planting to bed in.

The design

The old wooden quarter-pipe never really worked for bikes or skateboards, it was used mostly by children to climb on! It also suffered from a lot of vandalism.

CGI image of a small wheel park

The solution?

A low level hard landscaped area designed by skateboarding specialists alongside local enthusiasts.  With 4 ramps, two camel humps, a rainbow rail and a pier 7, it is designed to appeal to learners of all ages, as well as providing a good range of elements for the more experienced to practise honing their skills. 

Integrated into the play hub of Shelford Playscape, the interesting layout and the passive surveillance will make it a safer place for everyone.  Various locations were explored, but this is the only spot that doesn’t compromise sports pitches, set up for the Shelford Feast, tree roots or vehicle access, whilst also offering easy access to roll to on arrival.   

The latest survey we conducted confirmed that the community were really keen to see this facility, offering lots of great comments and suggestions which were carried through to the final design.  With over 85% wishing to use it once a week or more we know this will be a well used resource and look forward to seeing it in action very soon!


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