The old wooden quarter-pipe never really worked for bikes or skateboards, it was used mostly by children to climb on! It also suffered from a lot of vandalism.

Our solution? Shelford Wheelscape! A low level hard landscaped area designed by skateboarding specialists, for both learners and the more experienced to practice their scooter, bike, skateboard and walking frame/wheelchair skills! 


Integrated into the play hub of the Shelford Playscape, the aim is that the more interesting layout and the passive surveillance will make it a safer place for everyone.  Various locations were explored, but there was only one space that didn’t compromise sports pitches, the Shelford Feast set up, tree roots or vehicle access, whilst also offering easy access to roll to on arrival.   This location was adopted by Great Shelford Parish Council as part of the masterplan.

Given that the original masterplan consultations were conducted several years ago, we recently conducted an online survey on behalf of the Great Shelford Parish Council to confirm that the community still wanted the wheelscape. The response was an emphatic “Yes!” with lots of great comments and suggestions which will be carried through to the final design process, and over 85% wishing to use it once a week or more.  

Next steps

We are currently working with Great Shelford Parish Council to select a specialist designer/contractor.  Tenders are being reviewed and once a specialist is selected, the design can be finalised with input from local skate groups.  

We will then start grant applications!

All Great Shelford Playscape fundraising is now focussed on this phase and you can help us bring #ShelfordWheelscape to life by helping to raise money !



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