Spring News 2024

CGI image of a mini skate park with ramped ends and obstacles in the centre 2

The diggers are coming…!

We’re so excited that Bendcrete Skateparks are ready to build the amazing new mini-skatepark.  They’re hoping to start mid to late March (depending on the weather) and anticipate the project will take 8 weeks.  Don’t worry, access to the tennis courts and the Playscape will be maintained during construction.

What’s in a name?

We’ve referred to the skatepark phase as Wheelscape for years as it is part of the playful landscape and of course it is for wheels!  However, we’ve discovered there is a company called Wheelscape.   So, to avoid confusion, it will henceforth be known as Shelford Wheelzone!

If, like with Twitter (rebranded as X), you still call it by it’s original name we shan’t be offended.

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…

With a lot of rainfall last autumn, then a burst pipe in the flowerbed near the footpath, and double the amount of average rainfall in the last month, you’ll notice that the whole Rec has been pretty waterlogged (with various impromptu ponds appearing!).

The Playscape scheme has been designed to be porous and drain away standing water, but as the water table is currently so high, the water has just had nowhere to go.  Some of the plants are looking very bedraggled, so we’ll be keeping an eye on them over the next few months and will re plant where necessary.

Interesting reads…

We were very pleased to see a parliamentary inquiry is being held into children, young people and the built environment looking at how better planning, building and urban design in England could enhance the health and well-being of children and young people: how they can be active and visibly part of their communities.

This blog, by playing out, sets out some of the points made and this clip underlines just how essential time outside for children is for their health throughout their entire lifetime.

Save the date!

To avoid some other local events, and to give everyone a little more time to get in the mood after the school summer holidays (not least the organising committee!), we have moved the date of the Shelford Fun Run to the last weekend in September: Sunday 29th! We hope this will also give us a bit of respite from the sweltering hot temperatures we had last year!

We are again partnering with our CamRARE colleagues to bring back our much loved 5k race and family friendly fun run event!

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