Playscape Construction Timeline

By the time you read this we’re hopeful that the contractors will have been instructed to proceed and you should see changes on site imminently! The construction is expected to take about 10 weeks, although the Playscape will remain cordoned off whilst the new grass establishes itself for at least a further 6 weeks. This…

Nearly there? (read to the end!)

We know that the current playground is really on its last legs, but we are cautiously optimistic that this will be the last winter of muddy entrances, non-existent climbing nets and worn out surfacing! The team has been working hard behind the scenes on planning conditions and finalising grant submissions, so I thought I’d share…

Working to bring the Playscape to life in 2021

The Playscape committee worked very hard over the autumn to prepare two major grant applications and also worked alongside the various professionals to get the tender out for the main contractor. I am delighted to say that we accomplished all these goals before Christmas, a huge step towards realising this vision. The Playscape will definitely…

Playscape News – January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year! A huge thank you to everyone who supported us last year, with a special shout out to Nicola and her family who raised £168 with donations from their wonderful Christmas Lights Display. We were also delighted to receive a generous gift of £1000 in December too, which we are very grateful for….

Playspace News – March 2017 Newsletter

Inclusion: The Heart of the Playscape Project Taking a lead from the Village children (who insist on using the skateramp as one mighty challenge to run up and down!) the playscape scheme seeks to provide a landscape for everyone to enjoy and to interpret in their own way. Inclusion is a driving principle for us….

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