Planting update

We saw the exciting installation of the first tower mid September and we had hoped that the
Playscape would be open to all by now, but the national challenges around deliveries and
materials has meant that the opening has slipped again.

We have, however, had the delightful task of planting hundreds of plants into the new
Playscape. A wonderful band of volunteers came together over a weekend to plant
beautiful lavenders, anemones, grasses, ferns and more, all very kindly donated by

The new flower beds running along the tennis courts and to the entrance of the Playscape
will create a relaxing space for humans and a great new space for wildlife. We also
installed (after much effort!) a new low growing hedge alongside the relocated green fence
by the car park.

Our thanks go to Scotsdales for their amazing generosity and the enthusiastic volunteers
who came along to help!

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