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Playscape News – November 2016 Newsletter

Abseiling for Playscape! On October 1st, 40 intrepid abseilers took on St Mary’s Tower! Before you could actually abseil your first challenge was to climb the steep winding steps, clamber over the enormous church bells and squeeze up another metal ladder. Fortunately you were greeted by the very cheery Hatt Events lot who had you…

Playscape News – May 2015 Newsletter

Things are progressing! The study Playscape: A Vision for Great Shelford was presented by the Playscape Working Group (PWG) to the the Pavilion and Recreation Ground Sub-Committee (PRGC) on April 7th, the full Parish Council on April 13th and the Annual Parish Meeting on April 16th. The study reviews the existing play facilities on Great Shelford’s Recreation…

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