Playscape News – August 2020 Newsletter

Playscape Answers Your Questions With the reopening of our village playground, we can imagine that many community members are wondering about Playscape’s progress to build a new playground. We’ve received some very good questions from the community, so we thought we’d answer them here! Q: You’ve been working on this for over five years; why…

Playscape News – February 2020 Newsletter

Playscape – Who Are We and What Are We Doing? We’ve been around for a while, but we thought it worth introducing ourselves again and updating everyone. Who, What, Why? Hi! We’re a local charity run my volunteers championing the complete transformation of the rather sorry playground into an inclusive and exciting Playscape. We want…

Playscape News – February 2019 Newsletter

Playscape: FAQs Want to know what the team’s currently doing or what we mean by “inclusive”? Or how about what we think it’s all going to cost? Thought you might… Well we’ve put together a new FAQs page to keep you informed and in the know. Have a read and let us know what you…

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