Guest blog post by Duncan Grey

The roads are being dug up again, there are temporary traffic lights around the village and now the car park is closed for more digging. What’s going on? Irritating as it is, this is work that will benefit us all. And as grandma used to say, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” In the case of the roads it’s filling potholes before they get even worse and become a danger to cyclists. In the car park it is a long-term plan of improvements to the recreation ground supervised by the Parish Council with whom the contractors have agreed the necessary closures.

The Parish Council, The Feast and Playscape have worked together for several years to get water, sewerage and electricity on to the Recreation Ground. This means we have the infrastructure for a water fountain, a public toilet, irrigation or whatever future developments we want for the Rec.

For The Feast it means a ready and safe supply of water for cleaning and cooling, electricity for our chiller vans and for light and sound, and sewerage so the mobile toilet blocks can be safely plumbed in alongside the marquee. Previously all these services came through temporary pipes and cables draped along the ground from the Scout & Guide HQ.

All these improvements will benefit the whole village for years to come. The Parish Council has supported the development and The Feast will make a significant financial contribution. So by the time you visit the marquee in Feast Week (the week leading up to Sunday July 14th 2019 – Tickets are on sale now!) you’ll be able to enjoy cool drinks and great music. And the inconvenience of the car park in April will give way to the conveniences on the Rec!

First published in Great Shelford Village News – April 2019

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