Playscape News – March 2019 Newsletter

Playscape: On the ground

Hopefully Spring will be in the air and shooting from the ground by the time you read this! Time to re-investigate the Copse area and see if the bluebells are emerging yet and if the willow dome is getting ready to sprout some green finery.

We will be making the most of this time by doing a little spruce up of the copse area with the SSYI: moving the logs into new positions, reseeding the burnt patches and hopefully sowing some more wildflower seeds. The meadow will be given a proper cut before this season really gets going and we will be the lucky recipients of 100 new saplings, courtesy of the Wildlife trust, to continue the wildlife hedge at the top of the rec.

We’re not entirely sure of the planting date and indeed who we’ll be enlisting (!) to help, so keep an eye out for announcements on our website or social media feeds.

We are also very close to announcing the shelter design competition results and are working hard organising the fun run and building it’s new website,, so there’s plenty happening on the ground!

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