Playscape News – March 2020 Newsletter

Playscape – A Space to thrive

A recent review of nearly 400 papers that focus on health, well-being and social integration reveals the benefits that parks and green spaces have for people and communities.

The Space to Thrive Report, conducted by researchers from Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield, found that access to parks and green spaces enhances physical health, mental wellbeing and life satisfaction. We’ve been highlighting these benefits for a while, but it’s nice to see this review demonstrate the need for quality and accessible green spaces in our local communities. Crucially it makes the link to social as well as physical benefits from a well-cared-for green area. Indeed “the quality of green spaces has a stronger bearing on health outcomes than quantity”.

This is precisely what we hope to achieve with the finished Playscape: an exemplary social hub that encourages people of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy the great outdoors together. Thus… we continue to press on with grants preparation, organising civil engineering and arboricultural reports and the Fun Run!

Phasing update: The PC had intended to press on with the new car park section (where the skate ramp used to be) and the pedestrian entrance before the Playscape was built. However, we’ve reviewed the site access and compound requirements for the Playscape construction phase and it may make more sense to do these enabling works afterwards. Construction timings are therefore still TBC!

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