Playscape News – April 2018 Newsletter

A wonderful bonus of joining Playscape has been meeting all sorts of people in the Village.

Take Ollie O’Meakin, the Romsey Mill and SSYI Youth Worker. He has championed the
Playscape cause at every step and initiated our successful Copse Project partnership. Ollie
also nominated us for the South Cambs Community Awards 2018 and we were rather
flattered to get 3rd place in the Environment Category.

We are very sad to say goodbye to Ollie, he is moving on to pastures new, and can’t thank
him enough for all he has done for the young people of the village and for our charity. We
wish him and his wife Amy all the best in their new jobs in the South West. Fortunately Zac,
his colleague, is equally supportive with his sights set firmly on the wheelscape. We look
forward to continued progress on this project with the support of the SSYI.

There’s been a slight delay in submitting planning permission as we wait for the Parish
Council to approve the application, however when you read this I really do hope we’ll have
submitted it! On the upside we’ve had another generous donation for £180: a great
encouragement especially as Gwen and I sharpen our pencils for the task of grant writing!

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