Playscape Construction Timeline

By the time you read this we’re hopeful that the contractors will have been instructed to proceed and you should see changes on site imminently!

The construction is expected to take about 10 weeks, although the Playscape will remain cordoned off whilst the new grass establishes itself for at least a further 6 weeks. This means it’s unlikely to be ready for the summer holidays, but after waiting so patiently for years we’re sure everyone can manage a few more weeks. We’re also looking into some potential pop-up events during this time so watch this space…

Be the first to know

We will be posting the most up to date information here on our blog and via our e-newsletter during this time, so do sign-up for the latter via this link or follow us on social media for progress updates.

Hands on support?

We will be leading the planting of around 700 plants in the new Playscape once the contractors have finished, so would be delighted to receive any help you can offer! We can’t say for definite when we’ll be planting, but if you’d like to help in principle do drop us an email and we can liaise properly in due course.

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