Playscape News – February 2017 Newsletter

Playscape – A Community Effort!

We have been so encouraged by all the support we’ve received from you so far, and one of our biggest supporters, the SSYI, are truly getting their hands dirty for the cause!

SSYI starts work on the Copse

The young people have been busy building bird boxes and in half-term work on the ground will commence: So if you see lots of white wiggly lines on the ground between the second football pitch and the copse, the line-marking machine hasn’t been nicked and a prank executed, no! The team will have marked out where the new meadow areas will be leaving mown paths to explore when walking down near the river.

Calling all helpers!

The meadow areas will also be planted with wildflower plug plants in March. Now, the more the merrier (and the quicker!) it will be to plant plug plants, so if you can lend a hand (and a trowel!) we would be delighted to receive the help. There will also be a number of shrubs to plant too! We’ve pencilled Saturday March 4th for this job, but please keep an eye out for notices on the new SSYI/Copse noticeboard on the car park railings and feel free to email me if you are willing to help and I can keep you updated with details.

And the rest…

After that, the SSYI will have a willow-workshop on site to create the den and they will start working on pathways into the copse from April. So by this summer there will be new trees, shrubs, meadows, logs to sit and balance on, stepping stones across the ditch and a fledgling willow den to picnic under. See the plans here.

Thank you SSYI for helping us make a huge difference to the local wildlife, both small and human!


And finally, finish off your half-term with a play on the rec and some light refreshments in the sports pavilion courtesy of the playscape committee!

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