Playscape News – November 2015 Newsletter

We’ve been listening…

Rep speaking with boys on see-saw
Since founding Great Shelford Playscape this year we have conducted a dozen focus groups in the community and launched our online questionnaire to find out what people really think about the rec and how they’d like it to be.  The response has been so encouraging – everyone we’ve approached has been very willing to give us their time and their thoughts!


We are delighted that over 130 people completed our online questionnaire over the summer. We asked a lot of questions, with a lot of options, so I won’t attempt to call out numbers here, however, here are some headlines from the survey:

  • The ‘Average respondent’ used the rec multiple times per week, mainly with children between the ages of two and twelve.
  • Respondents felt the play provision to be old, tired, frustrating and depressing, but they also considered it nostalgic and safe.
  • Respondents desire a safe, happy and exciting place, one that encourages independent play and offers challenge but most importantly a place for all ages with 80% prioritising this aspect (more provision needed particularly for those under 3 and over 9).

All your responses will be considered by Erect Architecture as part of their design process and so will influence the final design of the playscape. The number of responses also demonstrates good local engagement with the project, which is something we need to prove when applying for grants further down the line. So a big thanks to all who contributed in this way.

If you missed it then never fear, there will be further consultation points along the way and there are many other ways you can support Great Shelford Playscape. The next opportunity will be at the inaugural Grand Christmas Fair and Christmas lights switch-on (Friday 27th November from 5.30pm, at the Memorial hall).  We will be raising money for Playscape by providing the refreshments at this event: Mulled, minced and festive will be the order of the day (although of course something for all ages!). If you are a dab hand at baking and would like to contribute to our wares then please don’t hesitate to contact me, otherwise we look forward to seeing you there!

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