Playscape News – August 2018 Newsletter

Playscape – A Community Effort

We were doubly blessed by the American visitors to the Free Church last month. They raised £81 for Playscape with a car wash and then helped us to weed and water the three new trees in the meadow and the new hedge. Not a mean feat considering the distance to the river, the weight of water and the current temperatures! The Beavers also organised a human watering chain to the hedge one evening, which was a tremendous effort.

We are grateful for any help you can offer us, be it practical things like watering, or registering or volunteering for an event like the Fun Run. You can help us financially by registering for Give As You Live, which raises free funds for us when you shop online, or by donating to the charity directly through the website. Whatever you can afford to give will go towards a stunning legacy for the area.

The first phase of the master plan, The Copse, is already having a fantastic impact by drawing more people down to the river. It has proved a welcome shady area in this glorious heat wave and many have been tempted to jump into the river, a long local tradition! If you look closely you’ll see the foundations of the old changing rooms (yes really!) in front of the bench facing the river.

Register for the Fun Run – with chip timing this year!

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