Playscape News – February 2018 Newsletter

Playscape: Down by the River

Have you seen the new bridge? Thanks to the South Cambs Community chest (and the
hardy builders who installed the bridge at the end of December!) you can now cross the
ditch with ease. The stepping stones have also been installed, courtesy of the Co-op grant,
and given that the water level is high at this time of the year it’s all rather useful!

We were very grateful to receive a private donation of £500 before Christmas and equally
delighted when the Village News kindly donated £500 at the turn of 2018. Thanks ever so
much Village News! Giving us space each month to keep everyone informed has really
helped us gain awareness and momentum for this project.

In other news (don’t faint) the planning application should have been submitted by the time
you read this. Despite this great start to the year we always welcome any help you can
offer: be it joining the Fun Run organising team, leading another fundraiser (we have some
ideas!), administrative or financial help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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