Working to bring the Playscape to life in 2021

The Playscape committee worked very hard over the autumn to prepare two major grant applications and also worked alongside the various professionals to get the tender out for the main contractor. I am delighted to say that we accomplished all these goals before Christmas, a huge step towards realising this vision.

The Playscape will definitely have trees!

We were very happy to learn that the PC’s application to the S.Cambs Zero Carbon Grant was successful and part of that money is for the mature multi-stem silver birch trees and an amelanchier that are part of the scheme. Thank you to Claire Lord from 2G3S group for approaching us and preparing the grant, we are very grateful.

Design Details

climbing frame elevation

Alongside the hours spent writing the grant applications, we did have some fun finalising the design with the Architects and specifying certain items to fit our village’s needs. We’re particularly happy with the huge bespoke central climbing frame and many little design details that will really make the space both challenging and accessible: the sand pit deck for instance has an integrating balance beam that also stops wheelchairs rolling into the sand. Genius.

As for the red horse and roundabout (that will be retired, but relocated) we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for them!

Now, it is a waiting game to see if we’re successful with the funding… cross all your fingers!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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