Playscape News – May 2017 Newsletter

SSYI & Playscape – Operation Copse

Thanks to the commitment and hard graft of the SSYI you can now stroll through the copse, build a den, play in a willow swirl and sit to contemplate the scene on a choice of logs!

During the Easter holidays Sophie O’Hara Smith led members of the SSYI and Playscape team on a full day of work on the Copse. With surprising speed we collected logs from the rec (courtesy of Storm Doris), trenched them in to make path sides, made bundles of brushwood for wildlife, built dens & log benches, distributed 3 tonnes of bark and used donated willow from RSPB Fowlmere to create a curvy-willow-hurdle (we think little ones will enjoy hiding in it!).

We ran out of bark so will finish that next time, but it was exciting to see it come together so quickly and the enthusiasm of the young people was brilliant. Once the undergrowth has grown back around the edges, it’ll be a wonderful natural hideout for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you to all of you who nominated us for the Co-Op Community Fund, we’ve received a fantastic £1153 towards the Copse Project! We look forward to planting more shrubs and woodland plants and sourcing logs for the meadow area soon.

Community Consultation

A big thank you to all those who attended our exhibition of the latest plans on 30th March (see the details here). We had a great response and are in the process of finalising plans in light of discussions and comments before applying for planning permission.

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